Convert your marketing content into
engaging podcasts.

Hi there and welcome to ReadByHumans!
We convert your marketing content (blog posts, white papers, case studies) into engaging podcasts.

The quantity of written content is growing these days, yet people don't have time to read. Podcasts & audio content consumption have grown 20% in 2016 with 60M monthly listeners in the USA.

We are working with such companies like Cisco, TradeGecko and a few other larger corporates.

We are still figuring out our pricing and product, but here is what we'll do for your business: We’ll take some or all of your written content, narrate it with professional voice actors and make it accessible to your audience via an embedded audio player on your corporate website.
Your customers will be able to listen to them right on the site or download those podcasts for later — while they are commuting, in a gym, etc…

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